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Narborough Electrical Contractors, Leicester.

Mechanical Solutions

We are fully qualified and leaders in our field for mechanical solutions. Our reliable and competent team are here to deliver the perfect task solution straight to your door!

Please scroll down to see some of the great services we have on offer here at NEC Ltd. If you don't see the service that’s right for you please contact us to discuss your project further.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is a very wide and varied market place however NEC Ltd are able to tailor a scheme to suit each individual clients’ specific requirements. All of are installations are ensured to be 100% satisfying to the client and end user. All air conditioning units comply and exceed government and European standards.

Heating Systems

NEC Ltd offer various types of heating installations covering a wide range of commercial and industrial projects enabling them to offer schemes to cover most enquiries.

One of our trained and friendly staff will be on hand to answer all your heating related questions, so why not get in touch today and let us know of your heating needs?

Ducting Systems

NEC Ltd also offers fully ducted air conditioning systems via common air handling plant typically comprising of motorised mixing chambers, panel or bag filters, frost heater batteries, supply / extract fans, chilled water / DX cooling coils, main heater batteries (LTHW or steam / condensate) and in-line duct attenuation.

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