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Narborough Electrical Contractors, Leicester.

Facilities and Maintenance

Ensuring high quality service every time and a professional finish has been the key to our long term business relationships.

NEC Ltd cover all aspects of facilities and maintenance and are experts at working in varied environments including schools, exhibition centres, public houses, retail outlets and residential property.

Our company offers a large variety of building maintenance packages that are reliable and cost effective to customers throughout the entire country.

Thinking of moving house?

Electrical surveys are a growing trend for both buyers and sellers, partly because of proposed moves to sellers packs, and partly because of the more stringent regulations relating to electrical safety. Building surveyors are trained to recognise some of the indications of poor installations but are often not qualified electricians.

For sellers, an electrical survey can assure prospective buyers that the property they intend to purchase is safe, and remove potential sticking points over pricing. Changing light fittings, switches and sockets might enhance the value of your property, just like redecoration prior to sale.

If you are purchasing a property, a qualified electrician from NEC Ltd can inspect the electrics on your behalf to find out if anything is faulty, and, if so, how much it will cost to fix.

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